A webapp which integrates with your Spotify account. Free. Manage your playlists, discover brand new tracks, and much more!

Maximize your experience with Spotify.

Manage your playlists

Filter your playlists by genre, or audio properties; order them by name, artist, added date, beats per minute, or even acousticness!

Know yourself

View your play history, and get to know which tracks, artists and genres you played the most!

Find new tracks

You really like a track? Find other tracks similar to it, and even create a playlist filled with the found tracks!

Discover Daily

Discover Weekly is overpast. Don't wait, and create a playlist with musical discoveries whenever you want!

Save your discoveries

Tired of your Discover Weekly playlist being overwritten whenever it's updated? Create an automated "archive playlist", to where all your found tracks gonna be added!

Lyrics. Live.

See the track you're currently playing on Spotify, and have access to its lyrics, translation, and similar tracks!